Transition time is often an exciting period for children and their families. Sometimes, it can be a little scary if we don’t know what’s happening. At Daviot, we endeavour to make transition times as smooth as possible.

For those joining us from nursery or playgroups, and especially for those who have not attended pre school education, we plan opportunities for pupil visits to Primary 1 and the school to look around, and join in activities. Parents are also made welcome with opportunities to find out about school routines, what learning looks like, and how to help with learning at home. These are planned for after Easter for most families. Pupils who may need additional support to make the transition may have visits earlier or more often.

Transition to secondary education at Millburn Academy is planned at the beginning of the school year and begins for pupils in December. Visits by secondary; staff, visits to the academy by pupils; a parents’ evening at the academy; and social opportunities to mix together help to ensure a sound social transfer. Records are shared with secondary staff, and those with additional needs will receive an enhanced transition package to support a successful move.

logoRector: Mr Gavin Maclean
Millburn Academy
Diriebught Road
01463 729152

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