Fire Drill

A massive well done to all the boys and girls today for leaving the building quietly, sensibly and very, very quickly during our planned fire drill this morning.

Brian even said we were his quickest school –  Well done everyone!


Mrs Beattie

Daviot Community Topic

Did you or someone you know…..go to our school?……live or work in our local community ?  Perhaps you know some interesting stories about Daviot or the school itself.  If so, we would love to hear all about it.

Our current school topic is Daviot and the community.  As the children have found out ‘GOOGLE’ does not seem to have a lot of information therefore, we are putting out a plea to you all  –


Feel free to contact through the blog or contact the school direct.


Mrs Beattie


Assembly – Wild Garden

Today the children and staff enjoyed their first assembly.  During this time we discussed what the children would like to use their assembly time for as well as discussing the area known as the “ Wild Garden”   From these discussions the following protocol has been put in place to ensure the children’s safety during break and lunchtimes.


  • P5 and P6 pupils have been given permission to climb the specified trees (3) following some regulations.
  • The children are able to climb to a specific height only – RED tape will be used to show this.
  • YELLOW tape will be used to highlight any unsafe branches to the children.



  • We are currently drawing up a timetable to allow access to pupils on a set days to the Wild Garden.  This will ensure the children are safe and supervised where needed during free play.
  • This timetable will be shared with pupils in due course.


Mrs Beattie

Daviot Afternoon Tea

afternoon teaDaviot Primary School would like to welcome all parents/carers to an afternoon of tea, cakes and entertainment on Wednesday 13th September at 2pm.

The children have all been busy this week designing and making their own personal invitations.  Keep a look out for these in bags this week.

Any donations of cakes would be gratefully appreciated and can be dropped off at the school office in the morning of our event.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Mrs Beattie

New School Year. New Beginnings.

Welcome back to school!

I hope that at some point over the last few weeks you have managed to find time to rest and relax as a family.

I am really looking forward to this term, an exciting time and a new era for Daviot Primary as we embark on becoming a cluster with Strathdearn Primary.

The Daviot staff are very excited about welcoming all our lovely pupils back to school tomorrow, as well as welcoming a few new faces.

Miss Costa has been getting the cabin ready for P1-4 and is looking forward to getting to know her new class.

Some of you will already be aware that Mrs Beattie is unable to be at school for a couple of weeks.  P5 and 6 will be with Ms Cardoso tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.  Ms MacKenzie (who will be with Miss Costa and P1-4 tomorrow) will take P5 and 6 on Wednesday.  Next week, Mrs Pirie is delighted to be taking the class on Monday with Ms Cardoso taking over Tuesday to Friday.

Mrs Beattie, Miss Costa and I are all looking forward to getting to know all the girls and boys, and their families over the coming weeks.  I would like to thank those who have already been in touch or whom we have already met for their warm welcome.

A time of change can be a positive experience, which I hope this will be for Daviot, but it can also be confusing.  I am very keen for the staff team at Daviot to continue to work in close partnership with our families, as I know happens already.  Please do get in touch if there is anything you would like to discuss, suggest or help with in regard to the school.

We will be in touch very soon to let you know about a forthcoming event and what we plan to get up to at Daviot Primary over the next few weeks.

See you all in the morning!

Mrs Pirie