communication-commercialeGood communications are essential to support learning, teaching and administration. We wish to be open, honest, friendly and accessible to parents. The school communicates with home using the following methods:

 School Blog
 Whole school letters
 Email
 Telephone
 Surveys and meetings to share views

Where possible, we communicate electronically. We encourage parents to keep up to date with children’s progress by staying involved with homework, meeting with the teacher for advice and consultation, and discussing children’s learning.

In June, following the pupil reports, there is a parents’ evening to discuss your child’s progress – and we actively encourage parents to meet with teachers throughout the year to discuss educational provision. Appointments can be made to give parents a longer length of time to meet with the class teacher than is possible at a parents’ evening.

Parents can communicate with the school in the following ways:
 Letter or telephone
 Email (please be aware the information you send may not be secure)
 Note in your child’s homework bag

Parents may call in at the school office to pass on information or drop off items.  The office is manned by Mrs Anderson on Monday – Thursday mornings.
Teachers are available most days by appointment.   An appointment or contact will be made as soon as possible. Mrs Pirie can be contacted via the school office for the remainder of the week and will respond as soon as possible to urgent emails and messages.

Parents at Daviot can access a wealth of information about the school on our blog – which is updated regularly. They can also follow us on Twitter and become a friend of Daviot on Facebook.

1 thought on “Communication

  1. sally moore SNCC Chair

    TO the Head Teacher / staff / parents Daviot Primary,
    please let me know if anyone adult would like to attend at the Drummosie Hotel, Daviot 6:30pm Wednesday 27th MAY for free refreshments and a presentation about the work of the Army with questions session, then more free refreshments. They invite people who may not know so much about the Army. Hope someone would like to join me – (1-3 people?) (i doubt they’ll be mobbed) . Forgive rushed typing please! im on 01463 772234 and 07968 134735 and and . more infor from Army engagement tea on 01276 412880.
    RSVP Thank you, all the best for the rest of the summer terrm ! sally moore (SNCC Chair)


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