big_rainbowEffective learning and teaching is dependent on positive relationships established at school and classroom level.

Positive behaviour is achieved in two ways at Daviot School:

1. Prevention – Preventative strategies which encourage each pupil to develop a sense of personality and self-discipline. At Daviot School we have an incentive system to recognise good behaviour in the classroom, in the playground and around the school.
2. Management – When negative behaviour occurs we need to be able to respond positively and effectively.

Daviot Primary School uses the circle time strategies to encourage children to think about their actions and their effects on others. We encourage children to talk to each other about their feelings and not to act impulsively. We regard play and negotiating the rules of play as part of a child’s education but in achieving this we do not want children to become bullies or be bullied. If you have any concerns about your child being bullied please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school.

School Rules
To enable the school to function smoothly and harmoniously the following rules have been established:
 All members of this school are expected to be punctual for morning and afternoon bells.
 All members of the school must show courtesy and good manners to each other and visitors.
 Staff instructions must be followed.
 Pupils must not leave the school premises during school hours without permission from a member of staff.
 There will be no bullying or bad language.
 No items that can be dangerous to others should be taken to school.
 All pupils must have indoor shoes and must wear them in the classrooms.

Golden Rules
These are displayed around the school and in each class room.
 Do be kind and helpful – Don’t hurt people’s feelings
 Do be gentle – Don’t hurt anyone
 Do listen – Don’t interrupt
 Do work hard – Don’t waste your or other people’s time
 Do be honest – Don’t cover up the truth
 Do look after property – Don’t waste or damage things

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