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Class 1 – Recent Learning

Class 1 have been working hard on a range of literacy and numeracy skills over the past week. Whilst our P4s have enjoyed exploring a cursive style of writing, P2s have revised tricky words and ‘ai’ spellings and P1 and P3s have practised the ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’ sounds.

To strengthen our number knowledge, Class 1 have been using a range of games and resources to better understand place value and the worth of single, two, three and even four-digit numbers!

P1 Parent Information Evening

We would like to invite P1 parents and carers along to an informal information evening on Thursday 19th September at 6pm.

This will be based in Class 1 and include a sample of the types of activities pupils are currently engaging in, details about our Emerging Literacy approach, the Early Level expectations within the Highland Numeracy Progression and a general overview of our aims this term.

We appreciate that this date isn’t too far away, so please get in touch if you are unable to make it.

Many thanks,

Miss Costa


Monday reminders

Please remember-

  • PE kits for both classes. If you can, please come dressed ready for PE with school uniform in your bag.
  • Filled Water bottle.
  • Lunch money (P4-P7) for the week if you plan to have school dinners.
  • Homework ( Class 2)
  • Flu Immunisation forms/ Vintage Rally helper slips

We look forward to seeing you all at 8.45!


Aldi Giveaway

From today, if you spend £30 at Aldi’s you will receive a Team GB sticker. Daviot Primary are collecting these stickers to add to our poster in the canteen.

If we manage to collect 300 stickers, we will be entered into a draw to win £20,000 and will receive a sport’s kit.

On our poster there are over 150 challenges for the children to take part in, ranging from trying a new fruit to jumping on the spot for a minute. We cant wait to try them as we fill up our poster.


5 Star Gold Award

On Thursday Mrs Pirie held an assembly to discuss our S.H.A.N.A.R.R.I work with both classes. She also gave out our first 5 Star Gold award certificates this term.

Well done to Lucca and Ruaridh. Ruaridh created an amazing family tree at home and presented it to his class.  He did this without being asked and showed a real interest towards his class topic.

Lucca was awarded it for all his support and encouragement he gives to his peers.  Lucca is constantly checking with his peers that they understand the task and he has been a great asset to the P5s when using their Chromebook.

Well done again.



Letters Sent Home

Class 1 have gone home with a letter today regarding an upcoming topic trip to the Highland Museum of Childhood.

In addition to this, eldest and only children have brought home a letter regarding the upcoming Vintage Tractor Rally.

Please check school bags and as always, get in touch if you have any queries.

Thank you



Today in Class 1

A busy morning in Class 1 today.

We took part in a range of practical literacy activities and loved using our new magnetic letters, phonics games and tuff tray.

After break, we used the tuff tray again for our numeracy learning and also played some games to strengthen our understanding of place value.

Great to see the children so engaged and focused when working independently. Keep it up Class 1!