1245686792938124914raemi_Check_mark.svg.hiIt is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child attends school regularly and punctually.

When your child has to be absent because of illness, please let the school know as soon as possible either by telephone or note by 9.15am. All absences must be covered by a parent’s explanation. A satisfactory explanation of your child’s absence is required or it will be recorded as unauthorised. Planned absences such as medical appointments, religious ceremony or wedding of a close relative should be notified to the school in advance in order for this to be classed as an authorised absence.

Parents are encouraged to book family holidays during the school holiday time. Only under exceptional circumstances can the school give permission for children to be absent to go on holiday. Should there be an exceptional need for holiday during term time, parents must discuss this in advance with the headteacher in order to authorise the absence.

Please Note:

Where a child fails to attend school, without appropriate and satisfactory notification from parents/guardians, we are obliged to make every effort to check that your child is safe. We do this by telephoning home, emergency contacts and, if necessary other agencies. This may involve a house visit.

You can help by phoning the school if your child is unable to attend.

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