Assessment and Reporting

Assessment is an important and integral part of the learning and teaching process. Each child’s progress is carefully assessed and recorded by the class teacher. Staff monitor the progress in a number of ways.

Observation: It is very important to know how your child works, as well as examining the finished result, staff continually observe your child’s approach and attitude to the various types of tasks.

Appraisal of completed work: The quality and quantity of completed work is monitored by staff and progress and difficulties identified.

Assessments: Written or oral tests are used by staff where appropriate, to monitor individual progress or degree of recall.

Standardised Assessments (SNSA P1,4,7) : From time to time your child will be given a test, which will give an indication of his/her level of attainment compared to standardised scores.

Self and peer assessment: Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their own work and compare their performance against agreed criteria. It is also helpful to have pupils consider each others’ work against these same criteria to be able to comment in a constructive manner.tablePNG

The aim of assessment is to enable staff to be more successful in meeting the needs of your child, it is not to compare children within the class. Skillful assessment will identify difficulties or strengths and will make the setting of work tasks more accurate.

In June, a detailed report and pupil profile covering all aspects of the curriculum and your child’s learning is issued and there is an opportunity for parents to discuss its contents. The report will contain a learner’s statement, written by the pupil, review of learning and attainment, key next steps and evidence of wider learning beyond school.

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