Class 1 – Term 3 Week 1

It was lovely to see lots of friendly, happy faces on Monday morning and I was so pleased to see that Class 1 came back to school enthusiastic and ready to go!

Throughout this first week, we’ve reminded ourselves of routines such as guided reading, spelling and phonics, basic facts practise and P.E. We’ve been revisiting some of our learning to see what we’ve retained, and started thinking ahead to what our next steps might be.

During our topic work, we’ve learnt about the festival of Hanukkah and made dreidels. Class 1 ended the week by adding these new festival facts to our ‘End of Topic’ Padlet. We were pleasantly surprised to see how much we’ve learnt from the start of last term to now, and were able to answer all the questions we set ourselves way back in October!

As well as familiar activities, we’ve had an introduction to some new ones. Some children have had their first go at Sumdog, a fun app which helps pupils improve a variety of numeracy and maths skills. Others have started using TTRockstars, an app to support fast recall of multiplication and division facts. Information about accessing these apps at home will follow soon, but if you have any pressing queries then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A highlight this week was our Kodaly time with Rosalind. We’re very happy to have her back this term and are keen to learn new songs and rhymes.

Class 1 will find out what their new topic is on Monday, but they’ve already been given a clue in the form of a word… I wonder what it could be?

Wishing everyone a good weekend 🙂

Padlet End of T2 Topic Facts

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