Virtual reality lessons ignite Highland children’s imaginations

Delighted to finally share that our Class VR has now being publicised by the Highland Council.  I have attached links to the press releases that they have made today regarding our virtual reality headsets and the use of these to enhance teaching and learning.[0]=68.ARCkOYKcZfV86-_7lXQCRcT-cg0jxEnap0UPFkTtiCBcq86sjG4oCAeg0Gma5anjSCpgkLI76Swp-oPP4bOZbqf6ZsCychsX_bYOtC-2UJ3gth-TpLGqnZypmxuruC22X6pfxrvAv5Fagedejc8l1BFfV4c9yuYyPw8BdVmrdy74fFd_gZhaaeyBMzVpf1Qvj60hPnV0NeDMZE-Z9JLzgMFdgBkXS_SjNGamhQbQh042UeWU9KSJLiGvuQk_8pHOPVHWPG69wVtvXOTE-8NXJi5_PWd724PWi5a9eU2K6rf0L2zBOZcaA9hquQ5B9F5-qp2RPU6BcLhny7TpIXifgGIpSg&__tn__=-R


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