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Paired Reading

Whilst it was chilly outside this afternoon, we were all tucked up in Class 1 with a good book.

Class 2 love supporting the younger children by reading the books to them, talking about the pictures and sharing their ideas.  Class 1 also enjoy having the opportunity to read some of the books to their Class 2 buddy.

It was a lovely way to end a very cold Friday!

Class 1 – Final Week of November

As well as our Aigas outdoor session and coconut ice making, Class 1 have also been experimenting with clay for the first time. Next week we are planning to create a model that links closely to our topic- watch this space!

Whilst continuing with our daily number games and spelling tasks, we’ve been learning a new story called ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’. We’ve orally rehearsed the tale and have made a class story map, so our next step is to retell it in written form.

Mike came for his third and penultimate tennis coaching session on Wednesday. All the children have really enjoyed these afternoons and are looking forward to their final one next week.
Today we have practised our Bollywood dance moves and spent some quality time sharing books with Class 2.
I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend  and we’ll see you on Monday for another week of fun 😊😊


Very Nice Coconut Ice!

Yesterday, Class 1 made coconut ice as part of our topic on ‘Festivals and Celebrations’. We learnt that Diwali is a time when family and friends prepare special food and sweets, and compared this to our own traditions. We couldn’t wait to taste it too!

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Gymnastic sessions

We have 2 sessions with Louise left. These sessions will be next week (Thurs 5th) and Thursday 19th (not 12th due to General Election).

We are currently  looking for a helper for next weeks session. If you can help please comment below.


Email Issue

Message from Mrs Pirie

It seems that my emails out are not all reaching their destination.  I’ve become aware of emails not reaching parents which is obviously an issue.  The problem  has been reported to the ICT service.

If you are expecting a response from me please check your spam box.  If you have not received an expected response, please alert me via the school email address and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Mrs Pirie