Class 1 – This Week’s Learning

This week Class 1 have used technology to aid their literacy, numeracy and maths learning. Google Keep, Padlet, Chatterpix, Sumdog, Oxford Owl and Google Slides were just some of the apps we used to develop certain skills and display our ideas.

As part of Maths Week Scotland, we’ve been working on finding the maths ‘inside’ our daily routines, activities and environment. P1s made fresh playdough and were supported by Mrs Paul to talk about the maths they used during that task. We’ve also enjoyed rehearsing games and learning new ones, such as Place Value ‘Guess Who?’

In literacy we’ve continued with our spelling practise, handwriting practise and reading activities. We’ve also retold and reenacted the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and have had a go at writing our own story introductions, some of us with innovative characters and events.

New family photos were shown, outside achievements were recognised and old toys were put in order to create a toy timeline. Combined with P.E and our small equipment practise, it’s been another eventful week 🙂

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