Monthly Archives: September 2019

Highland Council Updated Chromebook Agreement

Highland Council have recently updated the Chromebook agreement issued to all P6 and P7 pupils.  The new agreement is being issued to all Highland Council schools.  As we have already signed an agreement, and in order to reduce paper and look after our environment, the decision has been taken to share the agreement online.

The children in class will be shown the agreement in class and will discuss any point with their class teacher.  Please click on the link below to see the new updated agreement.

New Updated Chromebook Agreement

If you have any problems accessing or would like a paper copy please email Mrs Beattie directly and this will be sent out.


Lie detector- will you pass?

I was a little worried when I saw this arrive in school last week. It’s taken until today for Yvie to try it out on me.

Inspired by her reading book “The Lie Detector” Yvie made her own lie detector with fully functioning lights.

Well done Yvie and I’m so glad I got the big green light!


Class 1 – Snapshot of our Week

In spite of our short, three-day week, Class 1 have managed to keep very busy!

In numeracy, we’ve continued with our place value focus and have investigated how whole numbers are constructed as well as the importance of zero as a place holder.

In literacy we started our week by assessing each other’s Big Writing poems, then moved on to participating in a range of practical phonic, handwriting and reading activities. We also enjoyed learning how to spell different words by playing Scrabble!

Our toy afternoon was a big success and everyone confidently shared details about their toys, including where they were from and how they worked. We even played a sorting game with the older toys to compare their characteristics.

Today we had P.E out in the sunshine and practised our skipping, catching and throwing skills. A lovely end to our day!

A reminder that P.E kits can be worn into school on Monday, ready for our session with Miss Purvis. Have a great weekend everyone!

Class 1 Trip to Museum of Childhood

Unfortunately at this time we have made the decision to cancel the Class 1 trip to the Museum of Childhood.  This decision was not taken lightly but due to the distance, the bus costs was merely too high.

We realise that the children will be disappointed but we plan to contact the museum to see if they can offer any sessions at school.

Thank you to the parents who have handed in the recommended £2, this will be returned tomorrow to your child.

We are very sorry and realise that this is something that may have an increased effect on our ability to visit other places outwith the immediate area.

If you have any queries please contact Mrs Pirie/ Mrs Beattie to discuss this further.


Vintage Rally Donations

We are still on the look out for donations for our ‘Bottle’ tombola.  This can literally be anything in a bottle.

We are also looking for donations of ‘filled jars’.  The children loved making these last year and were very creative at finding things to fill them.

We would be grateful to have any donations you have, into school as soon as possible.


Vintage Rally Helpers

A massive thank you to all the parents who responded and said that they can help at the stall on Saturday 28th September.

Below is a timetable of when we would love to have you behind the Daviot Primary Stand.  As you can see we have additional helpers at certain times of the day.  If you can at all help out, at a different time then please let me know.  Also if you did not respond but now find yourself able to help, then please contact Mrs Beattie.

9am – 11am (includes set up at 9am) Susan, Paolo
11-1pm Aileen
1pm – 3pm Heather, Alex and Ali
3pm – 4pm (includes Closing) Liza