Daily Archives: September 20, 2019

Class 1 – Snapshot of our Week

In spite of our short, three-day week, Class 1 have managed to keep very busy!

In numeracy, we’ve continued with our place value focus and have investigated how whole numbers are constructed as well as the importance of zero as a place holder.

In literacy we started our week by assessing each other’s Big Writing poems, then moved on to participating in a range of practical phonic, handwriting and reading activities. We also enjoyed learning how to spell different words by playing Scrabble!

Our toy afternoon was a big success and everyone confidently shared details about their toys, including where they were from and how they worked. We even played a sorting game with the older toys to compare their characteristics.

Today we had P.E out in the sunshine and practised our skipping, catching and throwing skills. A lovely end to our day!

A reminder that P.E kits can be worn into school on Monday, ready for our session with Miss Purvis. Have a great weekend everyone!