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Pupil Learning Profiles Sent Home

A reminder that children from both classes have gone home with their Pupil Learning Profiles. There is an accompanying letter either in the front of the folder or in your child’s school bag. Please have a read and take time to look over your child’s file.

We would kindly ask that these folders are brought along to parents evening on Wednesday as they will form part of our discussion. Folders can be brought home after this occasion if needed, but need to be returned to school by no later than Friday 4th October.

Please get in touch if you have any queries.

Many thanks

Class 2 – Monday

Please remember we will have PE as normal so come dressed and have your school uniform in your bag.

We leave around 10am for SDS so everyone will need

– snack

– filled water bottle

– packed lunch.

We will be back around 2pm so we will require chromebooks and completed homework too.

See you all at 8.45.

Vintage Rally Thank You

Once again Daviot Primary have had a great day at the Vintage Rally.

Our stall proved popular and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve raised over £400! The total still needs to be checked, but for the moment we’d like to say a huge thank you to all pupils, parents and friends who helped to organise and man the stall, and who made items or offered donations to sell.

Here are a small selection of pictures from this afternoon. Please feel free to send us any photos you might’ve taken so that we can share these too.

Well done Team Daviot!

Rally Update

Sorry for the late post! Just to say that if you are helping at the stand tomorrow, please let the folk at the gate know and they will direct you to where we’re based.

I hope you all have a great day and I am gutted to be missing it. Below is an updated timetable for parent helpers and staff:

9.00-11.00: Judith, Susan, Paolo

10.00-11.30: Heather

11.00-1.00: Aileen

1.00-3.00: Alex/Andy, Kay

3.00-4.00: Liza, Ali, Sarah

Many thanks,

Mrs B

Class 1- Summary of our Week

This week Class 1 have had a special focus on their health and well-being.

We’ve been thinking about how we can improve our skills when using a range of P.E equipment and chosen a particular skill to practise daily. I’ve been so impressed by everyone’s positive attitude, perseverance and ability to assess next steps. We’ve definitely noticed progress from the start of the week to the end!

In literacy we’ve been honing our fine motor skills, rehearsing our joined writing, revising letter sounds and learning new ones, playing spelling and reading games as well as exploring ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. This story will be our inspiration for Big Writing next week.

In numeracy we’ve practised our numeral recognition, our reading and spelling of number names, our representation of 2-digit and 3-digit numbers with materials and have investigated different digit combinations with hundreds and thousands.

This afternoon we ended our week by learning an old playground ball game called ‘Plainie Clappie’ and by celebrating Duncan’s achievement of a level in his swimming. Well done Duncan! ⭐️

A reminder that PE kits should be in school for Mondays and Fridays, and that long hair should be tied back for these sessions.

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing lots of friendly faces at the Vintage Rally tomorrow. 😊

Highland Council Updated Chromebook Agreement

Highland Council have recently updated the Chromebook agreement issued to all P6 and P7 pupils.  The new agreement is being issued to all Highland Council schools.  As we have already signed an agreement, and in order to reduce paper and look after our environment, the decision has been taken to share the agreement online.

The children in class will be shown the agreement in class and will discuss any point with their class teacher.  Please click on the link below to see the new updated agreement.

New Updated Chromebook Agreement

If you have any problems accessing or would like a paper copy please email Mrs Beattie directly and this will be sent out.


Lie detector- will you pass?

I was a little worried when I saw this arrive in school last week. It’s taken until today for Yvie to try it out on me.

Inspired by her reading book “The Lie Detector” Yvie made her own lie detector with fully functioning lights.

Well done Yvie and I’m so glad I got the big green light!


Class 1 – Snapshot of our Week

In spite of our short, three-day week, Class 1 have managed to keep very busy!

In numeracy, we’ve continued with our place value focus and have investigated how whole numbers are constructed as well as the importance of zero as a place holder.

In literacy we started our week by assessing each other’s Big Writing poems, then moved on to participating in a range of practical phonic, handwriting and reading activities. We also enjoyed learning how to spell different words by playing Scrabble!

Our toy afternoon was a big success and everyone confidently shared details about their toys, including where they were from and how they worked. We even played a sorting game with the older toys to compare their characteristics.

Today we had P.E out in the sunshine and practised our skipping, catching and throwing skills. A lovely end to our day!

A reminder that P.E kits can be worn into school on Monday, ready for our session with Miss Purvis. Have a great weekend everyone!