Monthly Archives: August 2019

Class 1 – New Topic

Last week, Class 1 found out that their first topic of the year will be ‘Families, Now and Then’. We will be learning about our individual families, exploring how we grow and change as we get older and looking at the differences between our childhood and that of older family members.

With this in mind, I would kindly like to ask if children could bring in photos of their families at any point over the next couple of weeks. Please feel free to send via email if that is easiest. Our aim is to share and discuss these with the rest of the class, and later to use them to inspire some literacy and art work.

It would be fantastic if we could also keep the photos for a display, but I am happy to return any if that is preferable.

If there are any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks,

Miss Costa



Class 1 – Spaghetti Structures

This afternoon, it was marshmallow and spaghetti madness as we tried to see who could make the tallest, strongest tower! Trickier and messier than we thought and by the end there were only two structures left standing.

Well done to Semaiah and Ben! Unfortunately, I just missed filming Ben’s final balancing moment but rest assured his model successfully held the snake in place 😉


Well Done Everyone

Well done everyone! Week one is complete and everyone has settled back into school life with ease. We have seen lots of smiles and have heard lots of laughing throughout the week.

Our new school bus and mud kitchen have proved to be very popular.  We hope to continue to add new equipment to enhance our playground throughout the year.

We all look forward to seeing you on Monday . Don’t forget PE is now on a Monday!

Class 1 – All About Me

This afternoon, Class 1 used a range of technology and were challenged to effectively communicate their interests, likes and dislikes. While P1 practised using the Chatterpix app, P2 had a choice of iPad app and P4 could decide whether to use a Chromebook or iPad. As you can see, most children decided to make a video…and it seems most of us love to talk about food!











Class 1 – Super Writers and Mark Makers

Today we started off our Thursday with some fine motor activities. Class 1 really enjoyed these and we talked about the importance of strengthening the muscles in our wrists, hands and fingers. Later on, we shared some lovely photographs and items from our holidays and asked each other thoughtful questions. Then after playtime, everyone produced some fantastic mark making and written work about their summer break. A very productive morning! 🙂