Class 2 – Information for Parents

Well done to everyone in Class 2 for working so hard this week. I can’t quite believe 2 weeks have passed already.  The new P5 children have settled in well and the P7s are enjoying their privileges and responsibilities.

As we enter into our third week, I would just like to clarify a few details for all parents and carers:

MondaysP.E with Miss Purves , our specialist teacher from Millburn. As we have our session from 09.00 – 10.00 am, children should come to school in their kit (change of t-shirt, shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms, socks and trainers) but need to have their uniform to change into afterwards.

Homework – Homework will be issued on a Monday, to be returned the following Monday unless stated differently. Class 2 are responsible for copying down their homework tasks in their diary.  The diary should be signed by parents to acknowledge the task has been completed. There is also space for any parental comments.

All children will be given tasks suited to their age and developmental stage.

Wednesdays (from 10am) and Thursdays – Mrs Murchie/Mrs Ward will be teaching the children whilst I have management time. Mrs Ward is in temporarily until Mrs Murchie returns.

Wednesday- P.E with Mrs Murchie/Mrs Ward. Kits may stay in school if preferred, but if taken home must be brought back in time for Monday’s morning session.

Reading books generally do not go home from P5 however, this year on occasion your child may receive reading homework. This may be a reading book or a reading related task to complete. All information will be given in the homework diary.

General reminders – I would also like to remind all pupils to have appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear for rainy days and also for messier play, such as in our digging area or our mud kitchen.

Water bottles/ Indoor shoes- All children require a pair of indoor shoes for the classroom as well as a water bottle.

I hope I have covered everything.  If you have any questions or need to get in contact, please email –

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Beattie


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