Daily Archives: August 23, 2019

Class 1 – Spaghetti Structures

This afternoon, it was marshmallow and spaghetti madness as we tried to see who could make the tallest, strongest tower! Trickier and messier than we thought and by the end there were only two structures left standing.

Well done to Semaiah and Ben! Unfortunately, I just missed filming Ben’s final balancing moment but rest assured his model successfully held the snake in place 😉


Well Done Everyone

Well done everyone! Week one is complete and everyone has settled back into school life with ease. We have seen lots of smiles and have heard lots of laughing throughout the week.

Our new school bus and mud kitchen have proved to be very popular.  We hope to continue to add new equipment to enhance our playground throughout the year.

We all look forward to seeing you on Monday . Don’t forget PE is now on a Monday!