Daily Archives: August 22, 2019

Class 1 – All About Me

This afternoon, Class 1 used a range of technology and were challenged to effectively communicate their interests, likes and dislikes. While P1 practised using the Chatterpix app, P2 had a choice of iPad app and P4 could decide whether to use a Chromebook or iPad. As you can see, most children decided to make a video…and it seems most of us love to talk about food!











Class 1 – Super Writers and Mark Makers

Today we started off our Thursday with some fine motor activities. Class 1 really enjoyed these and we talked about the importance of strengthening the muscles in our wrists, hands and fingers. Later on, we shared some lovely photographs and items from our holidays and asked each other thoughtful questions. Then after playtime, everyone produced some fantastic mark making and written work about their summer break. A very productive morning! 🙂


P7s have began their enterprise project again this term.

Toast will be sold every Monday, Wednesday and Friday break time in the canteen. Toast is 20p per slice (max 2 slices per person).

The money raised will go towards their end of term residential trip.


Food in School

Could we remind all parents that nuts are not permitted in school.  We are aware that lots of things contain nuts or possible traces but if we could just ask you to be aware that we do have pupils with nut allergies within the school.

Recently, a few children have asked staff to re- heat food from their packed lunch. Unfortunately we are unable to heat up food due to the fact that we have no method of checking the food is at the correct temperature.

Thank you very much,

Mrs Beattie