Daily Archives: June 17, 2019

P7 Parents – Millburn Timetable

We have received the timetables for all children attending Millburn in S1.  We have been asked to give these out so the children can familiarise themselves with the timetable and are aware of the classes they will attend during their 3 day visit next week.

We do not have copies of these timetables and should your child misplace their timetable you will be required to contact Millburn Academy directly.

These will go home in bags today so please keep a look out.

Picnic Lunch and Grab ‘n’ Go Lunch

There seems to be some confusion with regards to the letter issued on Friday.  Please see below for some clarity.

Picnic lunch – Our school picnic lunch is on Wednesday 19th June.  Children who are school dinners this day will ONLY have this choice.  No other food is provided. Children not wanting picnic lunch will require a packed lunch.  The theme this year is Hawaiian.  Children may bring in accessories to wear over lunch and staff will take some pictures to share.

Grab ‘n’ Go – On Thursday 4th July we finish at 12pm.  Sheila will provide a Grab ‘n’ Go lunch ( sandwich, fruit and drink) for those who wish.  P1-3 are entitled to a free meal.  P4-P7 the cost will be the same as a normal school meal and should be paid in advance.  On this day the Parent Council plan to host an end of term picnic style afternoon, from 12pm,  at the park.

I hope this helps with any confusion.  If you have any further questions please contact the school office.