Class 1 – Optional Holiday Task

Today Class 1 have gone home with their usual items (indoor shoes, water bottles, etc), but also with a little holiday writing challenge…

In their labelled plastic bag, each child has been given a postcard with a stamp on it. As we have been focusing on writing letters in literacy, I have told Class 1 that they may write about an event during their holidays and send their postcard to school any time before we return. That way, we might have a few items of post to read and we can learn what our friends have been up to on their break.

After reading stories such as The Jolly Postman, the children have taken an interest in different types of post and this is simply a way of allowing them to extend their interest further. However, as stated above, this is an entirely optional task and there is no pressure for those not wanting to participate.

We hope everyone has a lovely, restful break and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 23rd April 🙂


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