Daily Archives: March 14, 2019

Class 2-Science Week Continues

Today we continued to investigate yeast. This time we looked at the natural sugars in our fruit. We learned that CO2 gases are released which help to inflate the balloon. As the yeast runs out of energy (sugar) the balloon deflates.

In the afternoon Class 2 went on a minibeast hunt and collected some wonderful creatures. They used their identification key to identify them. We then examined them more closely under the microscope.



Class 1- Floating and Sinking

Class 1 were investigating floating and sinking this morning through the context of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ story. The children were developing skills in science inquiry and developing scientific vocabulary, such as ‘dissolve’ and ‘disintegrate’. They couldn’t wait to check on their gingerbread men after swimming and were thrilled to find out there were some biscuits left to eat. Thank you Mrs Reid!


red noseDaviot Primary will be raising money for Red Nose Day tomorrow.  The arrangements are below –

  • Come to school wearing red (if you wish) Suggested donation of £1.
  • Bring in 6 cakes per family ( if you can and doesn’t need to be homemade)  Class 2 during the morning will mix these up and put 4 in a bag to sell for £1. All bags must be taken home and not eaten in school time.
  • Beat the Keeper – 10p per shot in the playground at lunchtime (weather permitting)

    We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!