Daily Archives: March 13, 2019

Class 1- Beat the Flood

Today Class 1 were challenged to ‘Beat the Flood’. After watching news reports on BBC Newsround and talking about flooding around the world, we worked in pairs to build a shelter for our ‘pets’. After a while, we paused to watch a video which gave us ideas on how to make improvements to our designs.

After lunch, Class 1 explored a selection of new materials and worked together to create a protective barrier. We also introduced the words ‘absorb’ and ‘absorbent’.  This task really tested our resilience and our problem-solving skills!

We have started our testing, but we will finish this off on Friday. Good work today everyone!

P7 Transition

P7 transition day is tomorrow at Millburn. All children require a packed lunch and water bottle. Mrs Pirie and Mrs Paul will be supervising the children on their visit.

All P7 children have now been added to the transition Google Classroom set up by Millburn. This page is to allow the pupils to ask questions about transition/3 day visit . All questions will be responded to by Millburn staff.

Class 2 – A Day of Science

Today Class 2 had a day of science learning.  We began by using the digital microscopes to investigate some things found around our playground, or in some cases, the things found in our mouths/ tongues – yuck!

We then moved onto a literacy co-operative task that involved the children learning about 1 micro-organism, then feeding back their information to a new group, in order to up-skill the whole table on microbes.

In the afternoon we took part in a fair test experiment to see how the amount of sugar influences the yeast during the making of dough. The children were a little disappointed not to see instant results, but I have a feeling they will be happy in the morning .

As the week goes on, we will be continuing to develop our learning on microbes and we hope to end the week with some bread making.