Daily Archives: February 5, 2019

Water Cycle

As well as keeping weather diaries, Class 1 have been learning about the stages of the water cycle and last week chose to share their knowledge through art. We’re still working on our deeper understanding and finishing off our work, but everyone has really enjoyed representing their ideas in a creative way.

Class 1 Weather Watchers Update

Class 1 Weather Watchers Update:

After finding that our rain gauges kept falling over and our jelly base had broken, we had some problem solving to do. First we changed our rain gauges by emptying out the jelly and taking off the rulers. Then we dug holes to secure them.  Last Monday, we were delighted to see there had been some precipitation over the weekend! We emptied the gauges out, measured the contents carefully and recorded our findings in a weather diary. Since then, we have been updating our weather diaries regularly and comparing how the weather has changed over time.