Monthly Archives: December 2018

Class 1- Ice Balloon Fun

This afternoon we gathered items to create our own polar habitat, including our ice balloons to use as icebergs!

We loved spending time playing independently, and took our learning even further by having lots of important discussions:

  • What temperature should the water be and why?
  • Why do the ice cubes and ice balloons change colour under water but become clear again when we lift them out?
  • How did the Titanic sink?
  • What should we do for the polar animals that need to live on land?
  • How can we make sure all of our animals stay afloat?

Some really wonderful exploration and problem-solving, all led by the children. Well done!

Last 5 Star Gold Award of the Term

Today we had our final assembly of the term, and we were very pleased to give the 5 Star Gold Award to Donald and Shiloh.

Donald received his award for the amazing effort he puts into all his learning, no matter what the context or location.

Shiloh received hers for all the effort she has put into practising our Christmas carols, culminating in some beautiful singing at Daviot church.

Well done to both of you, you should be very proud! 🙂

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Food at break and lunch times

Please could we remind everyone that at Daviot Primary we do not share food at break or lunch times.

We have noticed that over the last few weeks more and more sweets have been coming into the school for break and lunch times.  We recognise that these foods are consumed within a healthy diet.  However due to allergies,  and in respect of the fact that some parents may not wish their children to be consuming sugary sweets during school time, please can we ask that children are encouraged not to share snacks within school time.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the school staff if you wish to discuss this further.