Daily Archives: October 1, 2018

Class 1 Superhero Day


As we come to the end of our ‘Superheroes’ topic, Class 1 would like to celebrate by having a special superhero day.

Please could the children bring a named bag of normal clothes into school at their earliest convenience. Ideally, we are looking for clothes that are easy to move in: t-shirts, leggings, etc as we are planning to be fairly active! No costumes are required, as we have been busy making any superhero accessories at school.

Depending on weather, our special day will be in the week before the holidays between 9th-12th October. Clothes will return home on Friday 12th October.

Any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you in advance,

Miss Costa 😊

Still for Sale- Candle Holders and Teddies

We still have a few candle holders for sale if any parents/ friends are interested. Please see Mrs Beattie for a competitive price (mainly £10 /£15 each).

We also have some teddies remaining. Mrs Beattie will be selling these at 50p each. If any of the children are interested, please send them in with the correct change. These will be sold during the lunch hour this week and next (if required).

I am pleased to say we have sold a few candle holders today to staff. Our current total is now at nearly £500!!!