Daily Archives: September 10, 2018

Maths All Around- P3 and P4

Today P3 and P4 began Maths Week by thinking about how Maths is all around us: from using money when we shop, to measuring out ingredients for cooking, to noticing shapes, patterns and symmetry in buildings and the natural world. The children were then challenged to capture good examples of Maths around the school grounds and to explain their choices. Good job everyone 👍🏻

P1 and P2 Playdough Making

To kick off Maths Week in Class 1, P1 and P2 helped Mrs Paul make some playdough! They had to use a lot of Maths to help them with this, including: ordering the instructions, measuring ingredients and counting out the numbers of cups and spoons. We will be using this playdough to make our number of the week and to also help us strengthen our fine motor skills. Great fun!

5 Star Gold Award Returns

IMG_1862 - CopyIMG_1863 - CopyIMG_1864 - Copy

A very well done to our first two recipients of the 5 Star Gold Award for this academic year.

Calum received his award for settling beautifully into Class 2. He has been working very hard in all his areas of learning and Mrs Beattie is very proud of him.

Euan has been chosen in Class 1 for his Literacy work. He has loved exploring our story ‘Charlie’s Superhero Underpants’ and used his own ideas to change what happened in the middle. Euan then ordered his sentences independently.

A wonderful start to this term boys. Congratulations!