Daily Archives: June 19, 2018

Moving up day -Class 2

Today Class 2 enjoyed taking part in an SSERC meet through the interactive whiteboard. Four lovely young girls talked us through how to make O Wing Gliders. As well as our class, there were around 10 other classes linked in at the same time.

The class enjoyed making their own O Wing Glider and are looking forward to measuring the distance it travels in Maths tomorrow.


5 Star Gold Award

Today at assembly the 5 Star Gold Award was presented to Alfie for helping to water the plants and always putting his litter in the bin.

The award also went to Maree for being kind and trying to include everyone in the playground and the classroom.

Well done!

Welcoming Our New P1 Pupils

We’ve had a very busy morning in Class 1! Today we welcomed Georgia and Daisy as our new P1 pupils, and the girls joined in beautifully with all our activities. The children designed superheroes, explored the classroom environment, played games outside and used the ChatterPix Kids app. Well done girls, we really enjoyed your visit and we look forward to seeing you after the holidays.