Daily Archives: May 17, 2018

Google Be Legends E-Safety

Today Class 2 were looking at different scenarios and asking the question “Is it ok to share?”

The children had a great discussion about how information can be shared. We looked at the positive and negative aspects of sharing online as well as discussing sharing information/photographs through text and message apps.

I was really impressed at how carefully each of the children thought about the implications of sharing personal information.

Well done Class 2! We rewarded ourselves with a small game of Interland, which reinforced our learning.

Bee Bot Investigation

Class 1 enjoyed having a go at programming a real Bee Bot today. Mrs Paul set different challenges, and we watched to see if our instructions led the Bee Bot to the right destination. With lots of different mats to choose from (a number ladder, an alphabet grid and even a treasure map), we will definitely be trying this activity again.