Daily Archives: May 14, 2018

Tennis P4-6

A massive thank you to Owen, who came to take P4-6 for some tennis coaching this afternoon. The children listened really well and enjoyed playing games whilst developing their tennis skills.

We are all looking forward to next week already. Thanks again Owen.

Digital Learning Week- Day 1

Class 2 had a great day trying out some new websites and apps on the Chromebook.

In the morning P6 used Chrome Music Lab to create a theme tune for their book – Wonder. I enjoyed learning new skills with the children too.

In the afternoon the whole class took 4 of our school values and created a collage. ‘Collage a word in images’ was the title. Hopefully we will get a chance to finish these tomorrow.

Class 1 were also experimenting with a new app. Take a look at their post to find out about their learning…

Class 1 Digital Fun!

Class 1 had lots of fun this afternoon exploring a new app called Chatterkid! We learnt how to take selfies and edit them by adding our own characteristics and a voice. It was a great way to practise our listening and talking skills. This week, as part of Digital Learning Week, we will look at how technology enhances our learning.