Daily Archives: May 8, 2018

5 Star Gold Award

This week the 5 Star Gold Award was presented to:

Lucca for always being kind and considerate to others in the classroom and the playground.

Yvie for her maturity, kindness and consideration towards others.

A special award went to TEAM DAVIOT for all the amazing work that went into our playground on Friday. Each and every pupil worked as part of the team to make our playground a better place. With that in mind, the whole school will be awarded 5 minutes extra playtime tomorrow!



Fraction Games

Class 2 enjoyed designing and making their very own fractions games based on their learning. Today we rotated around the games and had lots of fun playing each other’s.

We also discussed what made a game successful- clear instructions, bright and colourful and most importantly FUN!

Getting Loopy

This afternoon, Class 1 worked in pairs to create some rather impressive dance sequences.

Looking back at our ‘Bricks and Blocks’ session, it was clear to see that a simple, easy set of instructions was the key to making our robots function. One way we kept our instructions simple was by using a loop. Loops either show where a repetition is needed, or they show the number of times to do something until stopping.

We discussed how loops could be used in any set of instructions, and used this knowledge to help us choreograph our own dances. Good work everyone!


Interschool Sports Training

Interschool sports training will continue tomorrow at Strathdearn with Mr Baillie for those interested in Class 2. Children will need to take the following to school:

– Outdoor PE kit

– Suitable trainers

– Pack lunch and water bottle

Children will be transported by Mrs Pirie and Mrs Beattie.