Tomorrow Class 2

Mr Baillie is currently running athletic training sessions for pupils at Strathdearn in preparation for the interschool sports. He has kindly offered to work with our children at Daviot in order to create either two separate team entries or one cluster team. This would require us to transport the children in staff cars to Strathdearn for the latter part of the morning  for the next 2/3 Wednesdays.

If you are happy for your child to participate in these sessions please send them with their PE kit, including jogging trousers or leggings and footwear suitable for outdoors. They will also require a PACKED lunch as we will not return to school until around 1pm.

Please send a reply to confirm your child’s participation in these sessions.

Children wishing to be considered for the team will need to be available all day on Saturday 26th May, when the interschool sports will be held at Bught Park.

Emails have been sent to all parents with the above information.

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow Class 2

  1. Gillian McKnight

    Unfortunately I didn’t reply to this email as I left work to get Kirsten off the school bus. Kirsten says she didn’t know about the training sessions at Strathdearn and didn’t get a letter.

    While Kirsten would like to participate, it does clash with a weekend in Perthshire, which we could cancel. However Kirsten now thinks that she cannot participate because she missed training today.

    Ps I just ordered a hoodie and T shirt from the school uniform shop. Is there something on the blog about the Daviot badged clothing?

    Thanks Gillian


    1. daviotblog Post author

      Evening Gillian,
      We can only apologise about the Strathdearn training session. We were aware of the late notice and that is why we made the decision to email and blog about the session. I also contacted various parents this morning to seek permissions. Kirsten had shared that she believed she was away that weekend.
      Kirsten is more than welcome to join in the training next wednesday as no team decisions have been made.
      With regards to school uniform- Letters were issued this week. I did not put a post on the blog as all parents received a letter with the order form attatched. I can only apologise for this.


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