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Fundraising Ideas

As discussed at the Parent Council meeting we are looking for ideas on how to raise money for the school.  We are also looking for suggestions for the Tractor Rally in September.

I am aware that it is not always easy for parents to attend these meetings.  Therefore, I have set up a Padlet.  This will allow anyone to contribute their ideas, whether they attend the meetings or not.   The children will also be able to contribute at home and school.

To access the Padlet, please click the link below.  You may revisit this as often as you wish.

Fundraising Padlet


Happy Holidays Everyone!

End of Term Show

Thank you so much to all the parents, grandparents and friends who attended our end of term show this evening. I am sure you will all agree, the children were absolutely fantastic! Well done everyone!

Unfortunately I was so busy singing, I only managed to snap one photo. More photos will follow soon…


Have a wonderful holiday.

Class 1 Little Riddlers- PLEASE READ

Little Riddler image 2

Good morning,

A reminder that anyone wishing to have their child’s Young Writers poetry work published must bring the completed permission form into school TODAY (Wednesday 28th March). This will allow enough time to get all forms returned to the company before publishing. This can be given to us at home time, or at the school show tonight.

Alternatively, there is a link on the letter so that orders can be placed online. This would need to be done at home, as we are unable to place orders online at school.

Many thanks.


Head Lice Information

Head Lice are a common problem in school aged children. They can’t be prevented, but regular checking ensures early detection and treatment if necessary. Parents and carers should check their children’s head once a week during hair washing using your usual shampoo, conditioner, and a detection comb – ask your local pharmacist to recommend a suitable one. Remember that you are looking for living moving lice – the only evidence that your child is infected.

If you find a living louse, ask your local pharmacist, school nurse, health visitor or GP for advice regarding treatment.

For further information see:

Parents should advise the school of all cases of ‘head lice’ and pupils should not be returned to school until their hair has been treated (confidentiality is retained).

Sport Relief Tomorrow

Please remember that tomorrow we will be supporting Sport Relief. If you wish you may come to school in your sports kit.  No football tops please.

In the afternoon we will take part in a variety of games (weather permitting).

A donation to Sport Relief would be gratefully received.