Monthly Archives: February 2018

World Book Day

World Book Day takes place on Thursday 1st March but as we have PE and swimming we will be celebrating it on Friday 2nd March.

To celebrate the books we love and to share our enjoyment of reading we are going to have a Book at Bedtime themed day.

Information letters will go out tomorrow with further details.

Fraction Eels

Today we began developing our understanding of fractions and the key language associated with it.  We went back to basics and had great fun cutting up plasticine eels.  The lesson was all based around a story.

The key langauge included: equal parts, denominator,half, three third parts, quarters, fifths and many more. The children used their eels to compare sizes of fractions and write some new learning facts.

Fairtrade Week

We began to look at Fairtrade today during assembly and asked the question – What is Fairtrade?  Thankfully Pablo the Super-Banana was able to tell us more about it in his short video.  If you would like to watch the video and discuss it further please click on the link below –

Pablo the Super Banana

This week we have asked all the children to keep a look out for the Fairtrade logo and if possible bring in 1 piece of packaging with it on.  We hope to display these altogether and generate conversations around the products origin.

If you have any Fairtrade experience or expert knowledge,  please let us know, as we would welcome any visitors in to talk to the children.

5 Star Gold Award

Today we had our 5 Star Gold Award assembly.  We were delighted to award Amica  and Joshua  the award for this week.

Amica was given the award for always taking a positive approach to her learning and always trying her best.

Joshua was given the award for trying something out of his comfort zone and achieving success.  We were all very proud of him and his swimming!






Welcome back

We look forward to seeing you all back at school tomorrow. Just a reminder that we have PE and swimming.

Science club will also be running after school from 3-4.30. Mr Elder is away on business so Mrs Beattie will be running the session for the next 2 weeks.

Digital Learning

The “Wonder” reading group enjoyed using their chomebook today to find 5 songs that may be found on a character’s ipod.   The children had to be very specific as to why they choose the song and how it related to evidence in the book.

They all worked super hard and enjoyed the task.