As you may have been aware our current blog was very large.  As well as this, our subscription charge for the blog is set to increase in January.  Therefore, we have made the decision to start a new blog this session instead of waiting until our subscription expires.  The existing blog will be archived and all the data will remain on the page.  This data can still be accessed however we will not be adding to it.

The new blog will operate exactly the same way as the existing one with the addition of 2 class blogs.   These blogs will be used to showcase the learning in each individual classroom.  The main blog will be used to showcase whole school events, information and other details that benefit the whole school/wider community.

 The new blog can be accessed at the address below. We would ask that you sign up to the email option to receive notifications of any posts. 

 Our New Blog – https://daviotschool.wordpress.com

 Please feel free to get in touch with any suggestions or items you would like to see on our new blog.  We will begin using the new blog from Monday 25th September.

We look forward to hearing from you

Arlene Beattie




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