Daily Archives: September 5, 2017

Assembly – Wild Garden

Today the children and staff enjoyed their first assembly.  During this time we discussed what the children would like to use their assembly time for as well as discussing the area known as the “ Wild Garden”   From these discussions the following protocol has been put in place to ensure the children’s safety during break and lunchtimes.


  • P5 and P6 pupils have been given permission to climb the specified trees (3) following some regulations.
  • The children are able to climb to a specific height only – RED tape will be used to show this.
  • YELLOW tape will be used to highlight any unsafe branches to the children.



  • We are currently drawing up a timetable to allow access to pupils on a set days to the Wild Garden.  This will ensure the children are safe and supervised where needed during free play.
  • This timetable will be shared with pupils in due course.


Mrs Beattie