***My Final Post***

I didn’t know what to write in my final post – so I hope these videos say everything about my time at Daviot Primary School.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone! I know Team Daviot will march on to even greater things in the future.

Lots of love, Mr Mac (and the dogs)

#Go Team Daviot! #TeamDaviotForever!

10 thoughts on “***My Final Post***

  1. Anonymous

    My grandchildren’s lives are the richer for having had you in them. Thank so much Andy.
    Heather Mitchell (Jake’s and Holly’s Grandma)

  2. marisaevason

    So lovely and sad at the same time. We are all going to miss you so much Mr Mac. Thank you so much for what you have done for our children. I feel very lucky and privileged to have had our children taught by you. We wish you all the best and hope to hear about your new adventures in the future.

  3. Carol

    We are all going to miss you so much Mr Mac!! You are an inspiration to us all, pupils and staff xx

  4. Lara

    Lovely videos of a bunch of very happy kids! Thank you again for everything. As you say, it’s Team Daviot forever!

  5. Heather Macaskill

    Mr Mac – thank you so much once again for all you have done.You will be very much missed!! Hope you love your new job 🙂

  6. Richard

    Thank you for giving the kids so many incredible opportunities over the last few years. They’ve learnt the value of being part of a team; what it means to collaborate creatively to fulfil potential, and the importance of asking more questions when a simple answer isn’t enough. You should be justifiably proud of their, and your, achievements. The future’s bright for Team Daviot, but that’s because of a lot of hard work in the past.
    Looking forward to catching up over the summer.
    Best wishes,



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