Daily Archives: June 20, 2017

Well Done, Jake!

When Jake started at Daviot Primary, he lacked a lot of self-confidence and got very anxious trying new things. As you can see from the previous post, Jake presented his work to the class today. Not only that, he collected the lunch choices and ordered them over the telephone too. I know adults that don’t like speaking to new people on the phone – never mind standing up to speak in front of their peers. Look how far you’ve come, young man! I’m so proud of you and you should be so proud of yourself. A big well done should also go out to Evette for being such a huge support! Go Team Daviot.


IMG_0944The composition posted below (please click to view) is about a Robot called Jake3000 who comes to Daviot Primary for a day and is anxious because he is different from the other children. Jake3000 has lots of different emotions going on throughout the day as he participates in different activities. However, everyone at the school is so helpful and kind to him he ends up having the best day ever! ‘Our Jake’ produced, edited and recorded this video (and music) during his music therapy sessions. It is a product of his exploration musically and verbally of his own anxieties. Kristen, Jake’s tutor, said it has been wonderful to see his growth in creativity and self-expression and to hear about his love of his school.

***PE Kits***

I’m just adding a quick post to inform parents that our fixed PE lesson with Mr Scott-Woodhouse has moved to a Thursday. This arrangement will continue next term too. Please remind children to bring their PE kits (including trainers) on that day. Thanks.

***P7 Transition***

IMG_0859I’m just adding a quick post to remind parents that P7 pupils are off to Millburn tomorrow and Thursday for their final transition days. I spoke to the girls this morning, and they said everything was organised and they were not worried in the slightest. What a brilliant sign! I’m so proud of them both. Have fun!