Generation Science are Back!


Wednesday (P1-P3) – Marvellous Magnets

Workshop Description:

Welcome to the mysterious world of magnets. In this engaging hands-on workshop our storytellers introduce concepts such as magnetic attraction and repulsion, fields and poles. Interactive supported play allows pupils to explore magnetic forces first hand as they learn about the effects they have on the world around us – like the amazing Northern Lights.

Thursday (P4-P7) – Fizz, Boom, Bang!

Workshop Description:

Specifically for older pupils, this popular, hands-on workshop gives them the chance to delve further into the world of chemistry. Pupils work through a range of experiments to create cool, colourful chemical reactions, while an introduction to the scientific method aims to spark curiosity.

Friday (P4-P7) – Power from the People!

Workshop Description:

Discover the secrets of electricity first-hand in this stimulating interactive workshop. Pupils explore what electricity is, how it can be stored and even create some themselves using our specially designed hand generators. Then we’ll introduce our mini robotic creatures, the Hexbugs, and set the challenge to charge them up for a race round our track.

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