***Bombarded by Blog Posts***

blogMany apologies for the barrage of blog posts today. Due to the dynamic nature of the Daviot curriculum – and my somewhat… er … unorthodox management style (ha-ha) – our school doesn’t operate like larger primary schools. Events can be arranged and changed at very short notice. Therefore, I feel the blog is the best way to keep parents up-to-date with what’s happening – whilst also celebrating the strengths and achievements of our amazing pupils.

I would like to encourage everyone to check the blog regularly. I would also appreciate it if the parents of our older pupils would urge them to check it regularly too – as it is a great way to develop their confidence, independence and personal investment in the school.

It is possible to request email notifications for new posts by ‘following’ the blog. This option is located at the top right hand side of the homepage. I know how busy parents are, and I know how many messages I post (ha-ha). Therefore, messages I want to draw parents’ attention to are tagged with stars (***).

In the future, I hope to create a ‘sister’ blog led by the pupils. But, for the time being, the Daviot Primary Blog is still a work in progress – and I would genuinely welcome any suggestions on how to improve it as a home-school communication platform.

Thank you – as ever – for your incredible support.

Mr McCallum


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