Generation Science Tomorrow!

Capture2I am delighted to inform everyone that I have managed to negotiate a special small school deal with Generation Science. As a result, the team will be delivering several workshops at Daviot Primary over the next couple of weeks. We can’t wait!

Tomorrow (P1-P3) – Bricks and Blocks

Workshop Description:

Join the robot sports training camp where our coaches will put you through your paces. Pupils learn about robots and coding as they use LEGO® WeDo kit to build their own goalkeeper and program it to play. Then it’s time to test everyone’s skills in the robot world cup penalty shoot-out. How many attempts can your goalkeeper save?

Tomorrow (P4-P7) – Fuel Hunters

Workshop Description:

Delve into geology and discover the nature and origins of oil. Pupils become oil geologists, engineers and drillers as we investigate the story behind this precious resource. From identifying the rocks where oil is found, to learning about seismic testing, core sampling, and even building replica oil rigs. It’s exploration on a brand new level!

GS Brochure 2017

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