***Last Gymnastics Session***

Unfortunately, tonight will be the last gymnastics session of this academic year. Louise’s coaching schedule is changing next term, and she will only be available on Thursdays after the Easter break. Sadly, this time-slot is not convenient for many families – making the club unsustainable. Therefore, I have decided investigate other options. I am meeting with the active schools coordinator the first week back after the holidays. I would also welcome suggestions from the pupils and parents regarding a replacement club.

If any parents have an area of expertise or a special interest they would like share with pupils, I would really like to hear from you. It could be anything (art, craft, athletics, shinty, gardening, food related, woodwork, book club – anything at all). Please don’t be shy. We welcome all parental involvement.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Louise for her brilliant coaching. Hopefully, we will be able to get her back into school next year.

2 thoughts on “***Last Gymnastics Session***

  1. marisaevason

    Really hope we’ll have Louise back next year, the kids really really love gymnastics club and they will miss it! But an exciting opportunity for something new.

  2. Lynne Parker

    Oh no, we’re really disappointed! Ethan was really enjoying gymnastics and we were happy to do a Thursday. 😔 Thanks for all the lessons they had up to now though! X


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