No Final but Still Funtastic!”

Unfortunately, we didn’t make the final of the Raspberry Pi Competition this year. Only three primary schools were shortlisted from the whole of the UK, and I think we came pretty close. Check out the feedback below:

Well done on making it this far into the competition! The judges were extremely impressed with the creative thinking behind your innovation and the dedication gone into completing such outstanding inventions…

As always, the judges have taken the time to give individual feedback for your projects.

Daviot Team 1: This invention looks great – it is universal, multi-sensory and the team’s own and unique product. The background to this innovation was well presented and clearly a lot of research and learning went into the development of the awesome and nifty little robot. The invention itself was a polished final product and we loved the interchangeable ‘shells’ to give the robot personality. All in all, a brilliant entry.

Daviot Team 2: An original idea realised into a fantastic final product. The supporting documentation was well structured and it is evident that design and prototyping were key to successful delivery – an excellent demonstration of agile development principles. It would have been great to see more of the ‘inner workings’ of the device and also what more the user could do with the device, possible extensions etc., but no marks were lost for this – we were just very intrigued! We loved the team passion that is demonstrated throughout – the laughter at the end of the video is contagious! A brilliant submission from team Piperdrive and we strongly encourage them to keep developing their ideas.

4 thoughts on “No Final but Still Funtastic!”

  1. Julie

    We’re getting so used to winning but got to let someone else have a turn this time! The girls had great fun with their projects and loved having their dad at the school. So all good anyway. 😍

  2. Lara

    Both teams did brilliantly and created some innovative and practical designs. Our kids enjoyed the project immensely and got loads out of taking the design from initial concept to prototype stage. Very well done everyone, and thanks again very much to Mr Elder for inspiring and motivating the kids to bring out all that incredible potential!


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