Daily Archives: March 24, 2017

The First 10 Star Gold Award, Ever!

IMG_6484When I started teaching at Daviot Primary School, just over three and half years ago, it is no exaggeration to say that Fern was one of the shyest and most introverted pupils I had ever taught. In fact, for the first term, she would hardly look at me – never mind speak to me!

After taking part in Shakespeare productions, drama performances, dance workshops, presentations, TV and YouTube appearances, competitions and countless trips, her infectious personality and self-belief have blossomed beyond belief. In fact, watching her confidence, resilience and independence develop these past years has been one of the biggest delights of my teaching career.

A couple of weeks ago, minutes before our Science Showcase was about to be judged at Eden Court, one of our devices malfunctioned. Fern never panicked for a second – even when the judges were walking over to our table and everyone else was panicking around her. With a cool head and a steady hand, she fixed the problem – and then joined in with a brilliant discussion with the judges about our work.

Then, last week, Carol told me that Fern waltzed into Milburn without a care in the world – mixing with new people and making new friends with ease.

On Tuesday this week, Mrs Mackinnon said Fern was one of the most confident and self-assured P7s at the Employment Extravaganza. She even volunteered to be the ‘grumpy customer’ at the Tesco workshop. And apparently, her performance was the best the organisers had ever seen! I’m sure everyone will recognise the confidence required to stand up in front of a group of P7s she had never met before – and not only act – but improvise! Wow, it put a lump in my throat.

For this, and so many other things, Fern was awarded the first ever 10 STAR GOLD AWARD! Well done, Fern. I am so proud of you – and you should be so very proud of yourself!

I will miss you so much next year. I keep saying it, because it is true!