Daily Archives: March 21, 2017

***Police HQ***

Katie and Kirsten have been invited to Police HQ on Monday afternoon (at 2pm) to receive their poster prizes. For security reasons, only the winners and one representative from school will be allowed to attend. However, I will post lots of pictures on the blog. Well done again, girls.

***Las Plant***

I would like to thank all the parents who offered to transport children to LAS Plant on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, the crane we were going to see has been sent out on a job – so we will have to postpone the trip until a later date. However, it was great to know parents are always willing to help out.

***PE Kits***

I’m just adding a quick post to remind parents of childrenĀ not taking part in the cross country event tomorrow that they will still need to come prepared for a PE lesson. School lunches will also be available as normal.

***Tomorrow: Please Read***

Due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances, I need to make a slight change to the arrangements for the cross country event tomorrow. Any children not running (including P1) will be stopping in school with me. Mrs MacPherson and Mrs Mackinnon will be taking all the participating pupils.

Children staying in school are welcome to order a school meal as normal.