Wildlife Crime Poster Competition!

There were many fantastic designs from lots of different schools, but only three prizes were available. PC Daniel Sutherland decided to pick a couple of posters from each school and let the members of HPAW decide the winners (that’s the Police, RSPB, SNH, SGA, SLE, SEPA, FOC, NFU and others).

They voted as follows:

1st        £50 Amazon voucher: Katie Elder – Daviot Primary School

2nd      £30 Amazon Voucher: Kirsten Kortland – Daviot Primary School

3rd       £20 Amazon Voucher:  Alec Forbes – Farr Primary School

PC Sutherland’s plan is to see if he can get the pupils to Inverness Police HQ to receive their vouchers. He will also be inviting the press along. I will post a date as soon as it is confirmed.

Well done, girls. Go Team Daviot!


3 thoughts on “Wildlife Crime Poster Competition!

  1. Julie

    So proud of you girls!!! Well done!!! Katie said she had to pinch herself to check it was real!! I can’t wait to see the posters.


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