***McRobert Cup***

Date: Wednesday 22 March, 2017

Location: Bught Park, Inverness


P2/3 – 800 metres

P4/5 – 1200 metres

P6/7 – 1600 metres


  • 09.30am: Registration
  • 10.30am: Schools registered/walked the course
  • 10.50am: Girls P2/3 race
  • 11.00am: Boys P2/3 race
  • 11.10amSection 1 & Section 2 Girls P4/5 race
  • 11.20amSection 1 & Section 2 Boys P4/5 race
  • 11.30am: Section 1 & Section 2 Girls P6/7 race
  • 11.40amSection 1 & Section 2 Boys P6/7 race
  • 12.00pm: Presentation (approx)

 Additional Information:

  • Children will be transported to and from the event by bus
  • Packed lunches will be required (just in case we encounter any delays)
  • Please send children fully prepared (kits, trainers, snacks, water etc.)
  • P1 children will be attending to support the team
  • Please let me know if any other children would prefer to watch rather than participate

Boys XC Banner.002

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