***Crane Competition Tomorrow***

I would just like to apologise to the children missing out on the crane competition tomorrow. I tried my very best to convince the event organisers to let everyone in science club attend, but unfortunately, it just wasn’t possible. They did agree to let us take 7 pupils, which will be the largest team at the event – but that was the absolute maximum. Strangely, we have never had the biggest team at any competition before – we’ve always had the smallest! Ha-ha.

I would like to let the children not going tomorrow know that I have an incredible amount planned over the next few weeks and months, so I promise you won’t miss out.

Here’s a sneak peek….

  • Four more visits to Skills Development Scotland
  • Six (yes… six) Generation Science Workshops
  • I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for skiing!
  • Ceramics Studio Trip
  • The MacRobert Cup
  • Quarry Trip
  • Las Plant Trip
  • Junior Road Safety Trip
  • Safe Highlander Trip
  • P7 Transition Events
  • Possible trips to London and Glasgow
  • A visit from Creeping Toad!
  • I’ve also got quite a few other things up my sleeve for the summer term too – including Landmark and Go-Karting: Round 2!

All in all, it should be a very exciting end to the year!

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