Daily Archives: March 8, 2017

Introducing… The Davester 2000!

This is our first (almost) finished entry into the PAPi Competition. The Davester 2000! It has been designed to help people with speech and language difficulties. It is a robot vehicle (controlled via Wi-Fi). It can take pictures, ask questions and give commands. A big well done goes out to Katie. Her interaction with the robot (completely unrehearsed) was absolutely amazing. I am so pleased her dad was there to see it live!

Seriously, if there is another school in the Highlands doing things this cool, I want to meet them! Go Team Daviot!

Thank you, Mr Elder!

Introducing… The Piperdrive!

Our second (almost finished) invention is a music therapy device. It is designed to help disabled people who get comfort from sound. The Piperdrive is a multi-sensory machine that plays music and sounds. It changes tracks with a tilt switch – a bit like a Magic Eight Ball – but it feels nice to touch, and it also flashes coloured lights. The original idea came from Lucca – and was inspired by his sister. We think it is ingenious. We also think his performance in the video is absolutely brilliant. You’re a STAR, Lucca!