Fairtrade Fortnight!

To mark Fairtrade Fortnight, Heather (Jake and Holly’s Grandma) donated lots of Fairtrade goodies to school. They went down a storm (particularly the dried mango) – but it really helped to promote a very important fair-trade message…

5 reasons to buy Fairtrade:

  • Fairtrade means fair prices for farmers in the developing world.
  • Farmers who get a fair price can invest in their communities and businesses.
  • Millions of farmers and workers who produce our first meal of the day miss out on breakfast themselves.
  • Products with a FAIRTRADE Mark have met internationally agreed Fairtrade Standards.
  • Buying Fairtrade doesn’t have to cost more– there’s such a wide range of Fairtrade products that there’s something for everyone. Most major retailers stock Fairtrade produce.

Check out the links below for more information about Fairtrade Fortnight:



Thanks so much for your support, Heather.


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