Daily Archives: March 4, 2017

Thank You, Shiloh!

img_5483For those who don’t know, I started my teaching career as a P2 teacher – and I loved every minute of it. Obviously, I love teaching the older children too, but I never get pictures anymore (it’s probably not cool! Ha-ha). So this beautiful gift from Shiloh made my week! It is on my fridge right now! Thank you, Shiloh. I miss having you in my class so much. Lucky for me, I am the headteacher at Daviot, so I still see you everyday – and I will keep this picture forever!

Dan the 5 Star Man!!!

img_5380I was so impressed with Daniel’s reading this week. He really has been working hard for Mrs MacPherson and Mrs Mackinnon – and the results are clear to see. Keep up the excellent effort young man. You really deserved the round of applause you got from Class 2, and you really deserve your 5 Star Gold Award too! By the way, I love this picture! Daniel’s infectious personality jumps right out of the photograph.